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At Basic Level, The Crown Schools are established ( as next level of the Schools of Basic Education Standard)  at every necessary location around the world where have governmental and political situations been eased; must have turned or being turn to peaceful results come from steady caring of local security teams overseen by Local Diamond Palaces at where the nations have each own star symbol of formal contract, that'll lead to next task of joining at University of We The Kings. Only after then the future development of all becomes well-done concept at most beautiful "Finishing Touch" of the HM Q UNV on this entire earth.

: Her Majesty Home Sweet Home Services (at Prospective Formal Golden Royal Kingdoms of Myanmar Kingdoms, and else any Royal Kingdom that upgraded as to become Diamond Royal Kingdoms) founded by Diamond Palaces Worldwide on behalf of Golden Palace Origin of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty, and HSHS: Home Sweet Home Services (at Prospective State Kingdoms) must also have been in non-stop up and running for local people residing at local community, that will get referral to possible higher education or for practical practices at Research Firms of Socioeconomic, to be developed to the next level of job creation, for any human who needs to receive Special Training Reserved to work for Diamond Palaces, to become Diamond Royal Support Positions or Basic Start-up Level of Ordinary Royal related Careers at Job & Home Placement, to cover living expenses for every individual or/and each own household. More info will be coming soon, within months or years, or so. Come back in frequent.

Golden Royals are existing only at Majesty Kingdom Origin and Family Kingdoms of The Golden Palace Origin: Majesty Solemn Assets of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C.

Diamond Royal Kingdoms are next level up of the Upgrade-Kingdom-Structure of Ordinary Royal Kingdoms (and Typical Royal Monarchs), and Uppermost Cap of else any type of kingdoms. In order to become upgraded to be Diamond Royals at any type of ordinary kingdoms must be installed by Diamond Palaces Worldwide at each particular nation with Permission of The Majesty Order.

It is NECESSARY for everyone and every country to ALWAYS remember that Diamond Palaces Worldwide is the Only Capable Palace that can get The Majesty Permission & The Majesty Order [On Behalf of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE & The Golden Palace Origin of The Majesty Kingdom Origin] to install or upgrade Any Type of Kingdom at Any Region of The World & this entire earth.

Note: Any project or any campaign of the Majesty Kingdom has nothing to do with any politician or any politic party or any monarch (namely themselves as Kingdom in country name but has conflict of interest at activity of or with any politician or politic party at or of any country) . Her Majesty Palaces & The Majesty Kingdom do not acknowledge or do not recognize any of such. NEVER CONFUSE. 
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